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Smoked Whitefish Wontons

We all have heard of Crab Wontons, but here in Northern Michigan we like our Whitefish. We put it in dip, on charcuterrie boards, and patty it up into smoked fish cakes so why not wrap it in a wonton? This recipe is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party.

Smoked Whitefish Wontons


Wonton Wrappers (buy from the store or make your own)

Smoked Whitefish

Cream Cheese

Green Onions


Oil for frying

Lava Hot Sauce for dipping (click here to purchase)

  1. Mix together smoked whitefish, cream cheese, green onions, and capers. Add as much or as little of each ingredient until it tastes good to you.

  2. Add a teaspoon of cream cheese mixture to middle of a wonton wrapper. Pinch corners together to seal.

  3. Fry wontons in hot oil until cooked. This will only take a couple minutes for each wonton.

  4. Serve with Lava Hot Sauce, or your favorite sweet/sour/spicy dipping sauce and enjoy!


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