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Great Lakes Pickling Company is a family owned pickling company. They strive for excellence in each and every jar of hand packed, wholesome pickles. Nothing artificial is ever added. You can be certain that when feeding your family their artisan pickles you are feeding them the best.

  • Ingredients

    Hearty Horseradish Garlic Dill

    Cucumbers, water, apple cider vinegar, dill, tomatoes, garlic, horseradish, spices, salt

    Smoked Garlic & Dill Spears

    Cucumbers, water, vinegar, dill, smoked garlic, salt, sugar

    Smoked Habanero Pickle

    Cucumbers, water, vinegar, smoked habanero pepper, spices, salt, sugar

    Bloody Mary Pickle

    Cucumbers, water, vinegar, tomato powder, spices, salt, sugar

    Dill Spears

    Cucumbers, water, vinegar, dill, salt, sugar

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