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Bar Snack Mixes

Bar Snack Mixes


Creating crunch, savory nut mixes is a specialty of Germacks! They combine their healthy, fancy quality roasted nuts and dried fruits with salty and savory crackers to create well-balanced mixes to satisfy your late-day snack cravings!


Snack On Bar Mix

Enjoy this tasty medley of sweet and spicy peanuts, salted sesame sticks, chili cheese corn jax, almonds, raisins, honey sasame chips, and pretzel balls!


Spicy Chili & Wasabi Snack Mix

Cajun flavored peanuts, bbq toasted corn, cajun sesame sticks, rice crackers, and wasabi green peas. The satisfying crunch and cajun spice makes this snack mix a hit for small and large groups or for any sporting event.

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